Rod Biresch rbiresch Chariot Solutions Just outside of Philadelphia, PA

don/FileOpener 26

Simple plugin for opening local files with Phonegap for Android

WesternDesignCenter/TerminalPython 9

Simple Terminal interface written in Python. There is one script that works for both the W65C134SXB and W65C265SXB. This is meant to give a simple interface that the user can customize for their needs. This make the terminal interface much nicer then the default HyperTerm style terminal.

WesternDesignCenter/W65C816SXB-Demo7Seg 4

Getting Started Demo using the W65C816SXB. This demo is setup to use the W65C22 VIA to light up a 7 Segment display.

WesternDesignCenter/W65C02SXB-Demo7Seg 2

Getting Started Demo using the W65C02SXB. This demo is setup to use the W65C22 VIA to light up a 7 Segment display.

WesternDesignCenter/8LED_ASCII_VIA 1

Simple example for controlling 8 LEDS using the VIA2 (W65C22) on the W65C02SXB

rbiresch/android-ffmpeg-with-rtmp 0

script(s) to build ffmpeg for android, including support for RTMP (and OpenSSL)

rbiresch/CurrencyEditText 0

A module designed to encapsulate the use of an Android EditText field for gathering currency information from a user. Provides support for global localities/currency (USD/GPB/Euro officially supported, though all currencies should work).

rbiresch/docs 0

API documentation for Tessel

rbiresch/phonegap-workshop-master 0

PhoneGap tutorial (