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Felix Girke razorheadfx lets do this, this reckless life

razorheadfx/docker-srslte-usrp 15

a hassle-free way to build srsLTE and srsUE

razorheadfx/aether_primitives 3

SDR (rapid-prototyping) toolbox

razorheadfx/grup 3

offline markdown previewer

razorheadfx/pyflags 2

a no-nonsense flag parser

razorheadfx/eisenwaren 1

random rust projects in various states of abandon

razorheadfx/ExpertiseAltercation 1

playing around with mozilla's deepspeech and podcasts

razorheadfx/rust-soapysdr 1

Rust bindings for SoapySDR, the vendor-neutral software defined radio hardware abstraction layer

razorheadfx/annoy-rs 0

a minimalistic ethernet packet spammer in the spirit of packETH

razorheadfx/cartographer_ros 0

Provides ROS integration for Cartographer.

razorheadfx/dockerfiles 0

more or less useful dockerfiles