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ramn ramn @distil Stockholm Simon Andersson

ramn/gopher-server 5

A Gopher server in Scala. Can publish a local directory.

ramn/bottfarmen 3

Playground for AI enthusiasts. Build a bot and compete against others!

ramn/dotvim 2

Vim config files, vimrc, vim plugins

ramn/backup 1

Backup is a Ruby Gem written for Unix and Rails environments. It can be used both with and without the Ruby on Rails framework! This gem offers a quick and simple solution to backing up databases such as MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite and Files/Folders. All backups can be transferred to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, any remote server you have access to (using either SCP, SFTP or regular FTP), or a Local server. Backup handles Compression, Archiving, Encryption, Backup Cleaning (Cycling) and supports Email Notifications.

ramn/cargo-bin-lib 1

Cargo subcommand for more ergonomically creating a `bin` or `lib` crate

ramn/django-extensions 1

This is a repository for collecting global custom management extensions for the Django Framework.

ramn/get-money-back 1

Calculate who owns who what


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