Rajiv Aaron Manglani rajiv @akamai Cambridge, MA, USA Product manager for SSL/TLS technologies, HTTPS delivery, and certificates @akamai

rajiv/EmailTabURLs-SafariExtension 7

Safari extension which composes an email containing the URLs of all open tabs.

rajiv/akamai-cli-certs 2

A plugin for the Akamai CLI to perform certificate operations for the Akamai Secure CDN.

rajiv/lotus_connections 2

simple ruby wrapper around the lotus connections profile api

rajiv/DJabberd 1

The main DJabberd source

rajiv/file_storage 1

yet another acts_as_attachment/paperclip, supports storing files in MogileFS

rajiv/homebrew 1

The missing package manager for OS X.

rajiv/homebrew-fastmate 1

Homebrew tap for Fastmate

rajiv/i18n_address 1

Opinionated help for formatting addresses in country-specific formats

rajiv/memcache-client 1

Ruby library for accessing memcached.

rajiv/akamai-api-cps 0

A ruby library which wraps the Akamai CPS API.


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fork rajiv/check-url

Script to check URL & redirect

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