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Dan quellish Los Angeles, CA Dan has been creating software for most of his life, including 20 years as an Apple Developer

quellish/AirplayDemo 151

Example implementation of AirPlay secondary display for iOS (iPhone/iPad) apps

quellish/AirPlayStoryboards 32

Simple demonstration of using Storyboards with external (airplay) displays for iPhone/iPad

quellish/Facebook-iOS-Internal-Headers 28

Headers generated by reverse engineering the Facebook iOS binary

quellish/ClassClustersExamples 19

Example of two ways to construct a class cluster in Objective-C for Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

quellish/ASLogger 13

An (almost) drop in replacement for `NSLog()` that logs using the Apple System Log (ASL)

quellish/ModelObjectDemo 6

Examples of model object implementations for iOS

quellish/NibInStoryboard 6

Shows how to use nib-based views with storyboards. This makes it easy to isolate and reuse custom views.

quellish/CocoaHTTPServer 4

A small, lightweight, embeddable HTTP server for Mac OS X or iOS applications

quellish/FoundationRaise 3

Provides pre formatted Objective-C exceptions for abstract method invocation, unimplemented functions and methods.

quellish/KVCValidationExample 3

Shows how to implement Key-Value Coding validation on iOS.