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Myles Byrne quackingduck Engineer at Stripe San Francisco

quackingduck/wach 51

Run a command when a file add/update event occurs

quackingduck/rld 7

Commandline utility for OSX that reloads the frontmost browser tab

chrislloyd/kepler 5

A game for machines

quackingduck-archive/gitdoc 5

Small content system

jonpliske/read 3

Read is Rocco that runs in your browser.

carlwoodward/fancyroutes 2

The fanciest routes in town

patmood/slack-links 2

Archive links posted in slack

blackwatertepes/battleship 1

(Staging) Battleship!

quackingduck/git-sh 1

A customized bash environment suitable for git work.