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qsantos/qrcode 35

QR-code encoder/decoder (no image recognition)

qsantos/airsick 1

Advised Introduction to Rocket Science (Ignoring Collisions) for Kerbals

qsantos/crpyt 1

Toy cryptographic python library

qsantos/majority-judgment 1

Privacy-preserving implementation of a strategy-ressistant voting system

qsantos/amoco 0

yet another tool for analysing binaries

qsantos/anki 0

Anki for desktop computers

qsantos/Anki-Android 0

AnkiDroid: Anki on Android

qsantos/arduino.c 0

C port of the Arduino core

qsantos/brython 0

Brython (Browser Python) is an implementation of Python 3 running in the browser


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Quentin Santos

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Fix link for C++20 Concepts

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This is a list of links to different freely available learning resources about computer programming, math, and science.

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