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Prabhjyot Singh Sodhi psdh Bloomberg LP London

h4ck3rk3y/dc_search_stats 4

an angular flask app that shows dc searches live

h4ck3rk3y/RevMineApp 3

RevMine - Make that buying decision.

psdh/CSF363 3

Term Project for the Compiler Construction Course at BITS Pilani

psdh/WhatsintheVector 2

A text based search engine developed as part of Coursework

psdh/GSoC2016NmapSub 1

The submission repo for the work done in summer of 2016 as a part of my GSoC Project with Nmap (IPv6 OS detection).

psdh/iscaseyhereyet 1

Checks for Casey Neistat's latest video from his youtube channel

h4ck3rk3y/dop 0

medical diagonostics

h4ck3rk3y/link 0

fetch's link to the rest of the world

psdh/algo-rs 0

Bunch of Algorithms implemented in Rust