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leo prm3theus Berlin p2p internet mechanic. working on fixing things ...

prm3theus/cra-hypercore-8-starter 2

An ejected create react app hypercore starter

prm3theus/datradio 1

p2p music player for beaker and dat

prm3theus/ephemeral-feeds 1

hypercore based ephemeral multifeed that performs a reconciliation of expired feeds

prm3theus/gpt-2-podcast-carnivale 1

I take votes on combining the top twitter feeds of top intellectuals, then convert the stream to computer generated podcasts.

prm3theus/minimal-viable-eth-futures 1

⬇️ Stake on a Future you Want. ⏲️ Strike at the right time on a Thing if you're Right. - not working

m0nart/cabal-core 0

Core database and replication for cabal.

m0nart/Manifesto 0

Where all the Manifesto submissions live.

m0nart/multifeed 0

Multi-writer hypercore.

m0nart/simple-message-channels 0

Simple streamable state machine that implements a useful channel, message-type, message pattern