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heyoutline/cloud_watch 27

Logger backend for Elixir applications

pmenhart/make_chroot_jail 27

Script to easily setup a chroot jail for ssh / scp / sftp with Linux

pmenhart/cloud_watch 1

Logger backend for Elixir applications

pmenhart/local-cluster 1

Easy local cluster creation for Elixir to aid in unit testing

pmenhart/no_slides 1

Example application for

pmenhart/xml_to_csv 1

Convert XML document into a CSV file

edescourtis/smppex 0

✉️ SMPP 3.4 protocol and framework implementation in Elixir

pmenhart/elixometer 0

A light Elixir wrapper around exometer.

pmenhart/freeswitch-sounds-tts 0

FreeSWITCH TTS Voice Prompt Generator

pmenhart/grails-spring-security-saml 0

SAML 2.x support for the Spring Security Plugin for Grails

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Peter Menhart

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adapt to latest ex-aws (#25)

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issue commentfunbox/smppex

Sending multipart message

Please learn what coding schemes are supported by your SMSC, and which encoding or encodings do you want to use. See SMPP 3.4 specs section "5.2.19 data_coding". Encoding 0 (implicitly set in your examples) is "SMSC Default Alphabet" that is not defined in the specification. That means each SMS operator is free to define it as they like (causing a mess in interoperability!) In North America, some operators expect the encoding 0 to be GSM03.38, some want Latin-1. To set different encoding, use a tuple in SMPPEX.Pdu.Factory.submit_sm("Econtact", msisdn, {encoding, msg}).

And yes, message has to be converted from Elixir internal representation (UTF-8) to target encoding before calling split_message. Converted message is a binary, but not necessary a String. Note that the spec of the method split_message correctly indicates type message :: binary, unlike spec of submit_sm.


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issue commentfunbox/smppex

Sending multipart message

I saw that function quite late, I think it makes the solution shorter.

There is another advantage of SMPPEX.Pdu.Multipart.split_message: it works with all target encodings. The examples here assume ASCII (actually gsm0338, packing 160 chars into 140 octets), but generally we cannot rely on one codepoint to occupy one byte.


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