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books4equality/books4equality 4

books4equality website.

pmdamora/fnv-cracker-app 3

A Java FNV-1 128 bit brute-force hash cracker web application

pmdamora/rails-weather 3

A Ruby on Rails application which uses a public weather api to allows users to track the weather conditions and forecasts in different cities.

pmdamora/ccby-merger 1

A simple CLI Node.js app that adds a CC to the end of lecture videos automatically

pmdamora/CourseApp 1

Submission for the 2014 UVM CS Fair: A Python web application to help students choose courses

pmdamora/forest 1

A Python, Flask, Keras, and OpenCV project that leverages machine learning, feature extraction, and image processing techniques to predict the species of a leaf.

pmdamora/NatGeoBackground 1

A small command-line app to automatically change your desktop background to the National Geographic Photo of the Day

pmdamora/portfolio 1

My personal website to display my projects, built with Hugo

pmdamora/SoundArt 1

SoundArt is a Flask web application to create waveform images from an uploaded audio file.

pmdamora/tictactoe 1

A simple Tic-Tac-Toe implementation built with Python and PyQt