Patrick Roche plr108 Pittsburgh, PA

plr108/about-me 0

My "Project 0: About Me" submission for the Udacity Front End Web Developer Nanodegree program

plr108/amp-hello 0

My version of the AMP Project "Create your AMP HTML page"

plr108/amphtml 0

AMP HTML source code, samples, and documentation. See below for more info.

plr108/angular 0

One framework. Mobile & desktop.

plr108/APIs 0

Code Repo for API course in Fullstack ND

plr108/backbone-fundamentals 0

:book: A creative-commons book on Backbone.js for beginners and advanced users alike

plr108/backbone-template 0

Template for a new backbone project. A modified version of the template presented here:

plr108/backbone-to-do 0

To do app example using backbone.js framework.

plr108/backbone-to-do-udacity 0

ToDo app using Backbone.js. Created as part of completing the Udacity JavaScript Design Patterns Course.

plr108/backbonefire-to-do 0

To do app example using backbone.js framework and firebase database