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Patrick Seal plasticrake Portland, OR

plasticrake/tplink-smarthome-api 828

TP-Link Smarthome WiFi API

plasticrake/homebridge-tplink-smarthome 322

TP-Link Smarthome Plugin for Homebridge

plasticrake/OpcServer 12

Open Pixel Control (OPC) server for Arduino

plasticrake/RealFakeGarageDoors 10

Garage Door Opener for ESP8266 / Arduino

plasticrake/homebridge-opc 8

Open Pixel Control (OPC) plugin for Homebridge

plasticrake/homebridge-real-fake-garage-doors 4

Garage Door plugin for Homebridge

plasticrake/mocha-json-serialize-reporter 3

A comprehensive JSON reporter for Mocha.js

plasticrake/ansible-role-ookla-speedtest 2

An Ansible Role that installs Ookla Speedtest CLI

plasticrake/mocha-json-deserialize 1

A Mocha.js JSON deserializer

issue commentKoenkk/zigbee2mqtt

Instruction - how to migrate from CC2531 to another (better) Zigbee dongle

Thanks @timdonovanuk! Just used zigpy-znp for a seamless upgrade to CC2652P from CC2530


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issue openedRangerRick/moment-javaformat

Not working in node

Hi! Would like to use this over my not very exhaustive custom solution but it's not working in node.

node v14.17.6 "@rangerrick/moment-javaformat": "^1.0.4", "moment-timezone": "^0.5.33"

Running the usage example:

const moment = require('moment-timezone');

ReferenceError: self is not defined

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issue commentplasticrake/tplink-smarthome-api

Suppress Error Messages

try new tplink.Client({ logLevel: 'silent' }), you can also pass in your own custom logger with { logger: yourCustomLogger }.


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