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pk/merb_sequel 5

Merb plugin that provides support for Sequel and Sequel::Model.

pk/merb 4

Merb official repository

pk/repete 2

Repete is a Safari Extension which allows you to reload for your tabs and windows periodically.

pk/pktoolbox 1

Random junk handy for iOS development.

pk/faf-albania-tet-we-can-do-better 0

TET Albania - We can do better video

pk/ht1621-7-seg 0

arduino library for 7-segment lcd based on ht1621 drivers

pk/open-rally 0

Attempt to build the TripMaster (ICO, RNS, ...) from Arduino.

pk/SocketRocket 0

A conforming Objective-C WebSocket client library.

created repositorypk/test

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