Paul Ingles pingles @uswitch London CTO @ Uswitch, London. Go, Clojure, Java, Ruby, R programmer. Blanked HHKB Pro 2 Type-S and logi ergo fan.

pingles/bandit 62

Multi-armed bandit algorithms in Clojure

pingles/clj-esper 39

Thin layer around Esper event stream processing for Clojure

mikejones/mississippi 38

Validations for maps in clojure

pingles/cascading.cassandra 14

Cascading Tap and Scheme for Cassandra

pingles/clj-detector 10

Clojure interface to UADetector for parsing User-Agent strings

pingles/clj-aws 8

Clojure wrapper for the Amazon AWS SDK

pingles/cascading.protobuf 5

Protocol Buffer Scheme for Cascading

pingles/cascalog-cassandra 4

Cassandra Tap and Scheme for use with Cascalog

pingles/clj-emr 3

Clojure wrapper to Amazon Elastic MapReduce API