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Patrick Reynolds piki Chapel Hill, NC Nine fives of availability.

pfr/VideoSpeedTracker 62

Track vehicles on one lane one way, or two lane bidirectional streets; record direction, compute speed and size

github/posix-spawn 5

Fast Process::spawn for Rubys >= 1.8.7 based on the posix_spawn() system interfaces

piki/letters 3

Letters learning screensaver for little kids

piki/bracket 1

Bracket pool management system

piki/kasa 1

Raw TP-Link Kasa command sender/receiver

piki/pip 1

Detecting the Unexpected in Distributed Systems

invernesshoa/ 0

Website for the homeowner's association

piki/bertrpc 0

BERTRPC is a Ruby BERT-RPC client library.

piki/bioanth-tools 0

MMD and other tools for biological anthropologists