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fischerman/GPU-transformation-verifier 2

MCL kernel verification library

JungleComputing/rocket 1

Rocket is a Constellation-based runtime system for efficient execution of all-pair compute problem on distributed heterogeneous platforms

JungleComputing/cashmere 0

Heterogeneous many-core computing

JungleComputing/cl-graph-extension 0

Extension for the cl-graph package

JungleComputing/clon 0

The Command-Line Options Nuker

JungleComputing/clon-completion 0

Library for creating shell completions from Clon specifications

JungleComputing/code-emitter 0

Common Lisp library for pretty printing code

JungleComputing/common-source-identification-cashmere 0

The Common Source Identification Cashmere application finds within a set of images the images that were made with the same camera.

JungleComputing/common-source-identification-cashmere-native 0

Java interface to the native libraries needed by the Common Source Identification Cashmere application