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Pierre Lecocq pierre-lecocq Paris - France A bio.

pierre-lecocq/emacs4developers 432

A document to help developers to use Emacs as a developer

pierre-lecocq/literal-emacs 33

A tutorial about how to write a structured Emacs configuration in literate programming

pierre-lecocq/emacs.d 14

Emacs configuration files

pierre-lecocq/darkmine-theme 12

Yet another emacs dark color theme

pierre-lecocq/bonjourmadame 9

Say "Hello ma'am!"

pierre-lecocq/pml 6

Parse a nginx log file and display statistics

pierre-lecocq/cycle-resize 2

Cycle resize the current window horizontally or vertically

pierre-lecocq/gitsuperv 2

Watch your git repositories status

pierre-lecocq/plock 2

Screen locker inspired by slock/i3lock

pierre-lecocq/blame-this 1

Display a git blame summary of the current line or file