Jakub Nawalaniec pielgrzym Poland, Cracow

pielgrzym/django-imaging 15

Ajax driven gallery field for django (mostly admin)

pielgrzym/paper-terminal 11

Terminal emulator for Waveshare 2.9inch e-paper display

pielgrzym/django-minishop 8

Simple ecommerce system built with django

pielgrzym/ctrlp-sessions 6

CtrlP extension to manage your vim sessions

pielgrzym/bingfu 2

Enumerate domains pointing to given IP address using M$ Bing search api

pielgrzym/django-unittest-addons 2

Various utilities to boost unittest creation

pielgrzym/dotfiles 2

Homesick managed dotfiles

pielgrzym/Givotal 2

Effort to integrate git and pivotal

pielgrzym/pung 2

Game written with pygame: the ultimate trollface pong clone

pielgrzym/colorcoke 1

Change the extended (non-ANSI) color set. Generate tints and shades that can be applied in any range.

issue openedkhast3x/h8mail

Python 3.5 support

  • h8mail version:
  • Python version:
  • Operating System: Debian


It's really laborous to get h8mail working on Debian systems just for some syntax sugar from python 3.6 and newer. Any commit I could refer to for easier backporting to python 3.5?

created time in a month

issue openedhaydenwoodhead/

Client SSL certificate authentication


Love your no bullshit approach. Is it possible you could add a client SSL cert validation? This would solve authentication issues, without the need to deploy, say, Nginx in front of

created time in 3 months