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Philipp Bosch philippbosch Berlin, Germany

philippbosch/baker 7

Baker is an HTML5 ebook framework to publish books on the iPad using open web standards

philippbosch/aotp-jentsch 2

Website for Berlin-based electronic music god Jentsch.

philippbosch/cmsplugin-filer 2

django-filer cms plugins for django-cms

philippbosch/ad-ade 1

A browser extension that replaces banner ads with … something else. Concept by Eike Theresa Stender, HfG Karlsruhe.

philippbosch/angular-schema-form-ui-codemirror 1

A schem form field that implements ace editor based on angular-ui-ace and ace editor

philippbosch/bpkg 1

Lightweight bash package manager

pull request commentCorvia/django-tenant-users

fix: app label in tenants app

@moojen Unfortunately the latest release on PyPI is from 2019. But you can install the current state of things from Github like this:

$ pip install git+

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