Peter phdd Dresden Software Consulting and Engineering from Dresden, Germany

phdd/neo4j-browser 13

Neo4j's client application. Query, visualize, manage.

phdd/pandoc-ieee-conference 3

IEEE Conference Publication Template for Pandoc

phdd/thunderbird-taiga-integration 3

Integrate Taiga with Thunderbird

gpue/smags.min 1

A minimal re-implementation of the role-based architecture framework SMAGS .

phdd/berlicrm-advanced-numbering 0

Simple BerliCRM Extension for numbering invoices and quotes with year and month

phdd/diplom 0

Diploma Thesis by Peter Heisig

phdd/docker-sonarqube 0

:whale: SonarQube in Docker

phdd/docker-taiga 0

Docker container for Taiga


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Migrate gradle build script for Gradle v7

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migrate gradle build script for v7

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Convert XSD -> AVSC and XML -> AVRO

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