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A software package for controlling robotic telescopes performing speckle interferometry on binary stars.

issue commentpsf/black

Github Action broken (unable to find version "stable")

FWIW, force pushing a modified stable tag breaks other tools such as vim-plug. See


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issue commentpsf/black

No branch stable to install Vim plugin with vim-plug

Be aware that vim-plug does not force override local tags with modified remote tags. Because the remote psf/black repo deletes and recreates their stable tags, local copies will not stay in sync, and :PlugUpdate will complain about "pending changes".

If you want to track the non-stationary stable tag instead tracking the main branch then you'll need to do something like:

$ cd "~/.vim/bundle/black"
$ git fetch --tags --force

Modify the directory to match PLUGIN_DIRECTORY in the call plug#begin(PLUGIN_DIRECTORY) line near the top of your ~/.vimrc or ~/.config/nvim/init.vim.


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The official Vim repository

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issue openediamcco/coc-diagnostic

Some linters do not mark any columns

Some tools (such as mypy and flake8) report column but not endColumn. Because endColumn is undefined, diagnostic-languageserver sets it equal to column (see here). Because column == endColumn, no characters are underlined. The gutter marks the line as having a linter issue, but to read it the user must either move their cursor across the entire line to find the error or open :CocDiagnostic and find the error manually.

Walking the columns to find the error message is tedious, but I noticed a simple workaround is to underline the single character at column by ammending my coc-settings.json with:

    "diagnostic-languageserver.mergeConfig": true,
    "diagnostic-languageserver.linters": {
      "flake8": { "offsetColumnEnd": 1 },
      "mypy": { "offsetColumnEnd": 1 }

Maybe there's a better way to handle it than this, but it works well for me. I mostly just wanted to draw attention to the issue. Thanks for a great tool!


The default behavior only shows that the line contains a linter error; it does not show which column: pic1

Adding offsetColumnEnd = 1 makes sure the character that contains the linter error is underlined...


... which makes it much more convenient to find the error (on more complicated lines, at least):


Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Fedora 34
  • vim 8.2.3404
  • coc-diagnostic 0.22.1

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