peterrehm/vagrant-boxes 2

Provide custom vagrant boxes to speedup setup of Symfony/PHP dev environments

peterrehm/DesignPatternsPHP 0

sample code for several design patterns in PHP

peterrehm/driver-testsuite 0

Functional testsuite for Mink drivers

peterrehm/gh 0

Git/GitHub toolkit

peterrehm/js-marker-clusterer 0

A marker clustering library for the Google Maps JavaScript API v3.

peterrehm/LiipThemeBundle 0

Provides theming support for #Symfony2 Bundles

peterrehm/mac-setup 0

Installing Development environment on Mac OS X

peterrehm/Mink 0

PHP 5.3+ web browser emulator abstraction

peterrehm/MinkSelenium2Driver 0

Selenium2 (webdriver) driver for Mink framework

peterrehm/MopaBootstrapBundle 0

Easy integration of twitters bootstrap into symfony2

created repositoryShittySoft/kanbanbox-2020-cqrs-es-workshop

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fork stof/source-map-explorer

Analyze and debug space usage through source maps

fork in 3 days

fork stof/google-fonts-plugin

Webpack plugin that downloads fonts from Google Fonts and encodes them to base64

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started time in 8 days

fork stof/packagist-mirror

📦✂️📋📦 Create a mirror of metadata for use locally with composer

fork in 9 days

fork fabpot/symfony-docker

A Docker-based installer and runtime for Symfony. Install: download and `docker-compose up`.

fork in 11 days


fork alcaeus/ProxyManager

🎩✨🌈 OOP Proxy wrappers utilities - generates and manages proxies of your objects

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fork Ocramius/proxy-manager

A proxy manager with sane versioning policies.

fork in 15 days


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fork Ocramius/php-enum-1

The enum PHP is missing, inspired from SplEnum

fork in 22 days

fork alcaeus/specifications

Specifications related to MongoDB

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fork stof/phpstan

PHP Static Analysis Tool - discover bugs in your code without running it!

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created repositorythe-fast-track/book-5.0-5

The Symfony 5 book source: The Fast Track

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fork stof/sass-spec

Official Sass Spec Suite

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fork stof/psr-cache

PSR-6 Compilant File Cache

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fork stof/YAContainer

PSR11 Dependency Injection Container

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fork stof/railt

⚡️ A PHP GraphQL Framework

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fork stof/nano-container

PSR-11 container implementation with factory pattern

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fork stof/memory-container

PSR-11 container storing its values in memory and offering a singleton access

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fork stof/silverstripe-framework

SilverStripe Framework, the MVC framework that powers SilverStripe CMS

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