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Peter Downs peterldowns @pipe-technologies Brooklyn

peterldowns/bookshrink 111

Find the essence

peterldowns/clickbait-classifier 108

Simple ML experiment to classify article titles as clickbait or news.

colbygk/mathslax 52

Slack plugin to render math using MathJax

peterldowns/djoauth2 46

An OAuth2 server implementation for Django.

peterldowns/coinbase-python 3

Coinbase Python API

peterldowns/Headliner 2

A simple, personalized newsreading website (just for me!)

cms633/2015 1

Course site for CMS 633/833 — Digital Humanities: Topics, Techniques, and Technologies

cmsS62/Spring-2018 1

CMS.S62/S98 - Digital Humanities II: Data, Archives, Interfaces

fork peterldowns/RunMap

Running map distance app

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