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Peter Etelej peteretelej @Microsoft Nairobi, Kenya I enjoy building things and solving problems. Work on Azure at Microsoft. Fan of @golang @flutter @reactjs @vuejs docker

AzureAD/SCIMReferenceCode 52

Reference code to build a SCIM endpoint to automate provisioning

peteretelej/nasa 12

Go Library for accessing the NASA API, nasa CLI and apps

peteretelej/comet 10

Boostrap Desktop Apps with Go (wraps Electron in a neat cli)

peteretelej/jekyll-container 9

Jekyll Docker container for Github Pages

peteretelej/dserve 7

dserve - Directory Serve: Serve a static directory via HTTP / static website (with basic-auth authentication support)

peteretelej/jsonbox 5

Go wrapper / Client SDK for

peteretelej/gws 3

gws: go web server

peteretelej/kenyadecides 3

Kenya Election Results Live on Twitter

peteretelej/dockerfiles 2

Dockerfiles for useful container images


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:mortar_board: Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science!

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issue commentAzureAD/SCIMReferenceCode

Missing documentation/comments about AAD long-lived bearer token

Yes, been struggling with trying to understand how to turn this into a multi-tenant enabled solution. Creating a fixed token per AD tenant doesnt make sense.

Would not checking the issued Azure AD token be better than a long lived secret?


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issue openedAzureAD/SCIMReferenceCode

Test suite assumes junk data is accepted by server

The junk data test suite the server ignores any junk data sent on a request and creates the resource regardless. Sending a 400 request and not creating the resource is an equally viable option.

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issue openedAzureAD/SCIMReferenceCode

Resource Array is not required when no results are returned

The last two tests in the postman collection (Get all users and Get all groups). Assert that an empty resource array is returned on the body. Whilst scim specifies that this array is not a requirement when no results are returned see

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issue commentAzureAD/SCIMReferenceCode

Postman GET /ResourceTypes expectation is sensitive to ordering

Not only that but the test checks. pm.expect(jsonData[0].endpoint).to.eql("/Users"); Which will never pass if the scim list response schema is followed (as it should be).


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issue openedAzureAD/SCIMReferenceCode

Request: More examples in WebHostSample - Users


Could there be more examples in the WebHostSample project please?

At least one for Users which has the best practice of extending the main library, with static data. And then it can be adapted to be used in other applications.


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Full Stack JavaScript Developer | Architect

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