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Pete Kim petejkim @coinbase @centrehq United States @Coinbase @CoinbaseStablecoin @CoinbaseWallet Previously: Creator @CipherBrowser, @Nitrous-io, and @Specta

petejkim/ConciseKit 559

A set of Objective-C additions and macros that helps you write code more quickly.

petejkim/autoparts 82

package manager for

petejkim/cipher-ethereum 77

A typed and fully-tested Ethereum library used by Cipher Browser, a mobile Ethereum wallet and Dapp browser

CoinbaseWallet/coinselect 34

An unspent transaction output (UTXO) selection module for bitcoin.

petejkim/create-react-app-typescript-sass 13

Create React apps using typescript with no build configuration.

petejkim/CocoaPods 4

An Objective-C library dependency manager.

petejkim/active_model_serializers 2

ActiveModel::Serializer implementation and Rails hooks

petejkim/dart-ethereum_address 2

A dart library to generate and validate Ethereum addresses

petejkim/ember-rails 2

Ember for Rails 3.1+

created tagcentrehq/centre-tokens


Source repository for fiat tokens on the CENTRE network.

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created tagcentrehq/centre-tokens


Source repository for fiat tokens on the CENTRE network.

created time in 11 days

created tagCoinbaseStablecoin/centre-tokens


Source repository for fiat tokens on the CENTRE network.

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pull request commentethereum/go-ethereum

Check + repair state on corrupted database

What's the status of this?


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PR opened ethereum-optimism/optimism

Make it possible to override mint & burn methods in L2StandardERC20


Mark mint and burn functions in the L2StandardERC20 contract virtual so that they can be overridden.

Additional context This is required by the USDC contract. (Blacklisted addresses should not be able to burn.)

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create barnchpetejkim/optimism

branch : petejkim/make_mint_burn_virtual

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fork petejkim/optimism

Monorepo implementing the Optimistic Ethereum protocol

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issue commentethereum/go-ethereum

--snapshot=false is broken in 1.10.4-stable?

+1. Please preserve --snapshot=false, it does not make much sense/doesn't seem to work very well for archival nodes.


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Pull request review commentNoahZinsmeister/web3-react

Fix unbound this in WalletLinkConnector

 export class WalletLinkConnector extends AbstractConnector {     if (__DEV__) {       console.log("Handling 'chainChanged' event with payload", chainId)     }-    this.emitUpdate({ chainId })+    this.emitUpdate({ chainId: chainId })

why was this changed?


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