郑泽宇 perhapszzy Caicloud I'm chief data scientist at Caicloud. I co-founded Caicloud in 2015 which provides Cloud and Big Data related services.

caicloud/tensorflow-tutorial 2875

Example TensorFlow codes and Caicloud TensorFlow as a Service dev environment.

perhapszzy/tf-faster-rcnn 1

Tensorflow Faster RCNN

perhapszzy/codis 0

Proxy based Redis cluster solution supporting pipeline and scaling dynamically

perhapszzy/cyclone 0

A cloud native CI/CD platform built for container workflow.

perhapszzy/hadoop-cluster-docker 0

Quickly build arbitrary size Hadoop Cluster based on Docker

perhapszzy/heapster 0

Compute Resource Usage Analysis and Monitoring of Container Clusters

perhapszzy/intro-to-kubernetes-workshop 0

Intro to Kubernetes Workshop

perhapszzy/models 0

Models built with TensorFlow

perhapszzy/taas-examples 0

Deep learning examples using Caicloud TaaS (TensorFlow as a Service)