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Per Guth perguth @thingylabs Stuttgart, Germany & Cyberspace ✨ Free software enthusiast and transhumanist. • he/hey 😉

mafintosh/webrtc-swarm 357

Create a swarm of p2p connections using webrtc and a signalhub

perguth/android-opensource-apps 8

:phone: • A list of cool* opensource apps for Android.

peermusic/ 2

:rocket: The auto deployed online version of Peermusic.

perguth/awesome-chromeos 2

The best (open source) web/Android/ChromeOS solutions for every aspect of daily life.

perguth/blob-stream 2

:cyclone: A choo, hyperlog, webtorrent experiment.

peermusic/file-system 0

A slim wrapper around the Chrome filesystem API.

peermusic/music-similarity 0

Get similar artists for a given song by using a scraping server.

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Semantic Versioning Specification

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Per Guth

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