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alexander-lee/stone-soup 1

A service that connects low-income individuals with restaurants through surplus amounts of food with anonymity and dignity

Automic-LogReader/LogReader 1

LogReader Project

abvthecity/helpmeprompt 0

Hacktech, 2016: A texting interface that connects patients to medical professionals for advice.

alexander-lee/MERN-redux 0

MERN Boilerplate with Redux

detectAna/detectAna 0

CSCI - 599 Project

EventAll/EventAll-Platform 0

Event All Platform

jamie-liao/Jamie-Website 0

Jamie Website Repo

issue openedpuddly/pytest-unraisable

Packaging to pypi

@puddly I came across your repo here after getting into a deep rabbit hole about how to fail tests if coroutines were not awaited. Would it be possible to package this into pypi?

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issue commentstrawberry-graphql/strawberry

experimental pydantic support for nested pydantic models?

Encountering this as well. It also seems to happen to Enums


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fork peniqliotuv/bazel

a fast, scalable, multi-language and extensible build system

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