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Shaun Hubbard pedantix @ThoughtWorks Austin, TX I build mostly mobile things for ThoughtWorks.

dave31415/corona 2

Coronavirus COVID-19 data and analysis tools

pedantix/corona 1

Coronavirus COVID-19 data and analysis tools

pedantix/ember-cli-stomp 1

Stomp SockJS addon thing for Ember-CLI development, should be useful for other developers I hope, one day

cooksey/zello-channel-api 0

WebSocket-based API and SDKs to connect to Zello channels (BETA)

pedantix/Ambassador 0

Lightweight web framework in Swift based on SWSGI for iOS UI Automatic testing data mocking

pedantix/api-template 0

💧 A starting point for Vapor APIs.

pedantix/async 0

Swift Promises, Futures, and Streams.

pedantix/ateorams-site 0

A little meet and greet website for ATEORAMS written in ruby on rails.

pedantix/auth 0

👤 Authentication and Authorization layer for Fluent.