pckls/puppet-chronograf 1

A Puppet module for installing and configuring Chronograf -

pckls/puppet-pmb-vagrant 1

Vagrant environment for testing the pmb module

pckls/azure-docs-json-samples 0

Contains examples of JSON files that are included in Azure documentation.

pckls/azure-resource-manager-templates 0

ARM Templates & Stuff

pckls/docker-osspuppetlts 0

Docker repo to create images for CI testing of OSS Puppet in LTS configurations

pckls/oh-my-git-themes 0

This is just a place to store my own themes for oh-my-git

pckls/oh-my-git-themes-1 0

Themes of the ZSH version of oh-my-git prompt

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Module templating from pdk upgrade

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Thomas Pickersgill

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Module templating from pdk upgrade
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