Matt Parrish pbomb Gusto Denver, CO

downshift-js/downshift 8845

🏎 A set of primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete, combobox or select dropdown components.

pbomb/hyper-night-owl 90

A Hyper theme based on night-owl-vscode-theme.

pbomb/flow-immutable-models 41

Generates model classes from Flow types using Immutable.js

pbomb/grunt-jade-handlebars 11

Convert simple Jade templates containing handlebars to compiled handlebars JSTs.

homeyer/missile-command 4

NodeBots Missile Command

pbomb/clientmetrics 1

A library for collecting client metric data and sending to an endpoint for processing

pbomb/koa-ws-socket 1

Attaches ws sockets to koa and allows koa-style middleware for them

pbomb/2016-acdc-slides 0

redux-saga and redux-effex

pbomb/2018-advent-of-code 0

2018 Advent of Code exercises

pbomb/bs-mineral-ui 0

BuckleScript bindings for mineral-ui