pauloday/quasicrystals 6

A program to animate quasicrystals on a 2d plane

pauloday/Compiler-Demo 1

Super simple compiler demo. Intended to be the content for a 15 minute presentation

pauloday/disasm 1

A disassembler for ARM assembly written in Clojure

pauloday/feh 1

fast and light Imlib2-based image viewer

pauloday/airbnb-description-component 0

the description component for an airbnb rental page. Includes number of bedrooms and amenities.

pauloday/artshop 0

Ai generated art made easy

pauloday/binci 0

:whale: Containerize your development workflow.

pauloday/Bluetherm 0

A data logging module based on Arduino. The goal is to be simple enough for non tech savvy people to use easily, while still being po

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Paul O'Day

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Add support for scripting from colab

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Paul O'Day

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Fix errors for colab

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issue commentDyldog/luhman-obsidian-plugin

New Zettel added to root folder and not to folder in use

I was looking into adding this, but I think it has to be done through the Obsidian settings. In the "Files & Links" tab there's an option to have the "default location for new notes" to be the "same folder as current file". I think that'll do what you want, it seems to work with the Luhman plugin. If not I might be able to add it, but I'm not sure if/how to get the current directory in a plugin.


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PR opened Dyldog/luhman-obsidian-plugin

Fix insert link bug and add notifications on failures

This fixes a bug where the add Zettel link command wouldn't work on my notes. I'm not sure why it was working on my test archive but not my actual one - it shouldn't have worked on either. Anyway it works on both now. I also added some notifications when things fail, so you don't get nothing happening silently when it can't get an id from the filename or something.

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