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Patrick Nelson patricknelson eBay San Jose, CA Pushing 1's and 0's.

burnbright/silverstripe-importexport 46

Import and export data from SilverStripe in a variety of forms. Looking for maintainer, see

patricknelson/google-drive-context-fix 11

Dynamically enables/disables Google Drive in context menu when right clicking in Windows Explorer

patricknelson/chunkbot 3

A node.js bot for using the standard browser API.

patricknelson/funmarklets 1

Funmarklets: Convert any webpage into a shrine to kittens, Nicholas Cage or even Charlie Sheen!

patricknelson/gitignore 1

A collection of useful .gitignore templates

patricknelson/jparallax 1

jQuery plugin for creating interactive parallax effect

patricknelson/altdrag 0

:file_folder: Easily drag windows when pressing the alt key. (Windows)

patricknelson/chaos 0

A social coding experiment that updates its own code democratically

patricknelson/chromium-webar 0

A proposal to provide Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to the web in the form of a prototype on top of WebVR built in Chromium.

patricknelson/CMS_Object 0

An "in-house" implementation of a simple ORM inspired by Eloquent which includes fetching table relations, "eager" loading of objects and data casting/validation.


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issue commentvmware-tanzu/carvel-ytt

[lang] support emitting comments in resulting YAML

It stinks that we're still stuck at not being able to simply emit comments in ytt output.

@pivotaljohn what do you think: Could we at the very least have some kind of esoteric syntax like @cppforlife's suggestion above just to make it possible? e.g. #@yaml/comment foo. Presumably this is fully backward compatible first class ytt syntax that shouldn't be a breaking change and could even be a minor/dot release.

... and then maybe discuss having a more intuitive shorthand syntax like ## foo (hash-hash-space)? 😉😉 nudge nudge...


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issue openedrackerlabs/support-how-to

Cloud backup FAQ broken link

On this page:

The link under the section "What does Cloud Backup cost?" goes to a 404:

Also, it seems kind of difficult now to actually look this information up on the regular site now. Google searches for "rackspace cloud backup cost" lead to this help page which then 404 error. If you surmise that it's based on cloud files storage and search "rackspace cloud files cost" the first links aren't even going to rackspace, but the first one going to RackSpace is which still isn't very helpful in terms of determining costs. It's just a long sales page with no useful information on the cost of RackSpace's own cloud files service (which we currently use).

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issue commentmozilla/sops

Preserve comments isolated in documents (and an error decrypting in edge cases)

Since this is a little esoteric for me, can you interpret (or simplify) this for me a bit? I'm inferring that you're saying that a single comment in a document is "empty" so are you suggesting that there's no path to being able to ever encrypt/decrypt this symmetrically and cleanly?

foo: bar

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pull request commentclue/graph-composer

Add options to exclude packages and dependencies from graph.

Bump. This would be amazing to see! My first time using graph-composer resulted in such a massive dependency tree that it practically rendered itself useless (since it was almost too complex to visually parse intuitively). The graph was so wide that you end up getting lost in the weaving lines.


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push eventpatricknelson/graph-composer-docker

Patrick Nelson

commit sha b36779b9037c76ab63870ef4c17d5c807a2a386b

Minor formatting

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PR opened patricknelson/graph-composer-docker

Compatibility with composer 2


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push eventpatricknelson/graph-composer-docker

Patrick Nelson

commit sha 9ec28941c3d1ab9f228643aa4c41986473b86172

Quick note about composer v2 issue:

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issue openedclue/graph-composer

Compatibility with composer v2

Build is not compatible with composer v2 (for build).

$ composer build

[1/1] Creating phar graph-composer-1.1.0-5-g25ea081.phar
  - Adding main package "clue/graph-composer"
  - Adding composer base files

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Clue\PharComposer\Package\Package::__construct() must be of the type array, boolean given, called in /root/graph-composer/vendor/clue/phar-composer/src/Clue/PharComposer/Phar/PharComposer.php on line 136 and defined in /root/graph-composer/vendor/clue/phar-composer/src/Clue/PharComposer/Package/Package.php on line 21
Script @php build.php handling the build event returned with error code 255

Build still works fine however in composer v1 (now deprecated). I noticed this when attempting to containerize this (see

Step to reproduce:

# Get graph-composer-docker repository and work from the 'composer-2' branch
git clone
cd graph-composer-docker
git checkout composer-2

# Tries to build container, but will fail
docker-compose up -d --build

Basically, what the Dockerfile does:

  • Install composer 2
  • Clone down
  • Installs dev dependencies
  • Runs composer build (and fails)

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create barnchpatricknelson/graph-composer-docker

branch : composer-2

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push eventpatricknelson/graph-composer-docker

Patrick Nelson

commit sha 1864b6652bdbfe4b1d1b74f7fb5c668ed49367c3

More documentation on how to contribute.

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issue commentclue/graph-composer

add dockerfile/example to ease usage

I actually just happened to build this myself. It's already on Docker Hub if you want to use it right now:

  • Docker Hub:
  • Source:
# Generic (replace LOCAL_PATH)
docker run -it --rm -v LOCAL_PATH:/graph-composer patricknelson/graph-composer-docker sh

# ... then run graph-composer.phar as usual...
graph-composer.phar export > graph.svg

I'm lazy, so I have some shortcuts for LOCAL_PATH 😄

# Relative to current directory (MacOS/Linux)
docker run -it --rm -v "$(pwd):/graph-composer" patricknelson/graph-composer-docker sh

# Relative to current directory (Windows with cygwin)
docker run -it --rm -v "$(cygpath -am .):/graph-composer" patricknelson/graph-composer-docker sh

p.s. That version above may not work for binary formats like PNG since the fonts cannot be rendered without the ttf-freefont package also present in the container (I tried in mine and just got squares/boxes). See my Dockerfile.


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push eventpatricknelson/graph-composer-docker

Patrick Nelson

commit sha f5eef786323ebf612de905983ff5f4eed0374c97

Separate out the shortcut alternatives for LOCAL_PATH.

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push eventpatricknelson/graph-composer-docker

Patrick Nelson

commit sha a8c288723d179c7eae6afd1fb95f9ed92cdfc7b6

First version 🎉

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create barnchpatricknelson/graph-composer-docker

branch : main

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created repositorypatricknelson/graph-composer-docker

Container image for running an isolated instance of graph-composer

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PR opened silverstripe/cow

🐄 FIX Point to in JavaScript header

Performed a new install of SSv4 and was investigating these bovine references when I stumbled upon this repository and noticed a ton of references in the i18n translation JS files pointing to the old tractorcow/cow URL instead of the silverstripe/cow in JavaScript headers.

// This file was generated by silverstripe/cow from client/lang/src/cs.json.
// See for details

I think this fixes that. 🐮

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create barnchpatricknelson/cow

branch : fix-bovine-references

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fork patricknelson/cow

Release tool for SilverStripe

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