patelm5/atmosphere-rabbitmq-example 5

Servlet Atmosphere framework example showing push directly to the client from a rabbitmq ( spring-rabbit) message. Scaffold app produced using thymeleaf with tiles and spring mvc.

patelm5/aspectj-scala-intellij 2

Will they ever place nice ?

patelm5/atmosphere 0

The only Portable WebSocket/Comet Framework supporting Scala, Groovy and Java

patelm5/cglib-spike 0


patelm5/influxdb-java 0

Java client for InfluxDB

patelm5/jmeter-maven-plugin 0

The JMeter Maven Plugin

patelm5/mikeyp-selenium-spike 0

Spikes and various crap...

patelm5/ 0

My resume as a GitHub page

patelm5/performance-plugin 0

Jenkins performance plugin

patelm5/processor-sandbox 0

This project is a small sample of a functional Kafka-based reducer, which will run on SCDF.