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pasky/pachi 426

A fairly strong Go/Baduk/Weiqi playing program

pasky/michi 259

Minimalistic Go MCTS Engine

pasky/omxplayer 9


pasky/cocopf 5

An Algorithm Portfolio BBOB Platform

josefprusa/Difftest 3

Just for mesin around

pasky/Energia 3

Fork of Arduino for the Texas Instruments MSP430

pasky/learn-github 2

Git homepage that rocks - from the awesomeness

pasky/papalala 2

Muaddib IRC bot

pasky/party 2

Zoological Party Simulator

PR opened pritunl/pritunl

Raise acme challenge expiration from 180s to 3600s

Last weekend, acme took tens of minutes to go through for me. This broke the letsencrypt task flow as the challenge token disappeared from the table meanwhile.

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create barnchpasky/pritunl

branch : pasky-mongo-acme-expire

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fork pasky/pritunl

Enterprise VPN server

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push eventrossumai/terraform-aws-pritunl

Petr Baudis

commit sha eb89c9211ad5c90156c877d354077db0223726a2

pritunl_elastic_ip -> pritunl_public_ip to match docs

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