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Curtis Herbert parrots Consumed by Code Philadelphia, PA 🤓🏂

jellybeansoup/ios-icon-selector 83

A drop-in UI component to allow easy selection of alternate icons on iOS.

parrots/GPSKit 44

CoreLocation without the fuss (and with blocks!).

parrots/SplitView-3Coumn 36

Example project demonstrating nested UISplitViewControllers

parrots/SignatureToImageDotNet 30

Server-side supplement to Signature Pad written in C#.

parrots/CocoaLumberjackDemo 12

A sample of my default setup for CocoaLumberjack

parrots/Google-Reader-Library-for-Code-Igniter 5

Library for code igniter that gives access to reading and modifying feeds in google reader.

parrots/Google-Reader-Plugin-for-Expressionengine 4

Plugin to access google reader feeds from an expressionengine site.

blakeprobinson/bloom 3

iOS App to track fertility

parrots/SAConfettiView 1

Confetti! Who doesn't like confetti?

issue commentmapbox/mapbox-maps-ios

No such module 'MapboxCommon_Private'

@macdrevx any chance on bringing back Carthage support, then? I'd hate to have to purposely slow down my builds just to support Mapbox.


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issue commentmapbox/mapbox-maps-ios

No such module 'MapboxCommon_Private'

@macdrevx It's the exact same environment I was using for v6.3 via Carthage + .netrc, which was running fine for a year+, but I'll see if I can't dig some up.


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issue commentmapbox/mapbox-maps-ios

No such module 'MapboxCommon_Private'

@parrots I'm using 10.0 (RC8) via SPM.


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issue openedmapbox/mapbox-maps-ios

Catalyst Support + M1

There's a long thread ( on the legacy v6 Mapbox SDK about getting Catalyst support, and it seems that while this new SDK supports metal so Catalyst is possible, something is misconfigured with the shipped framework preventing it from working. Not sure if this is an M1 specific issue as I do not have an Intel Mac to also test with, but the build error leads me to guess that.


  • Xcode version: 13.0 RC
  • Maps SDK Version: 10 RC 8

Observed behavior and steps to reproduce

  • Download RC 8, open the Examples app xcproj (not workspace)
  • Add RC 8 as a dependency to the project via SPM
  • Open the build settings for the Examples target, and on the General tab check the "Mac" support checkbox
  • (Make sure your signing settings are properly configured here, might get errors about signing profile)
  • Set your destination to "My Mac" at the top of Xcode, then try to build and run

Expected behavior

Should build and run locally

Observed behavior

Does not build. If you're on an M1 Mac building, you'll get the following error:

ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/parrots/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Examples-anjbxfhnfyknmlfwaklruslpjpmc/Build/Products/Debug-maccatalyst/MapboxCoreMaps.framework/MapboxCoreMaps, building for Mac Catalyst-arm64 but attempting to link with file built for Mac Catalyst-x86_64
Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
  "_OBJC_CLASS_$_MBMCameraBoundsOptions", referenced from:
      objc-class-ref in MapboxMaps.o
  "_OBJC_CLASS_$_MBMCameraOptions", referenced from:
      objc-class-ref in MapboxMaps.o
  "_OBJC_CLASS_$_MBMCoordinateBounds", referenced from:
      objc-class-ref in RestrictCoordinateBoundsExample.o
      objc-class-ref in MapboxMaps.o

If you try to build and run using the "My Mac (Rosetta)" you get an odd code signing error (although obviously we shouldn't need to use Rosetta).

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issue commentmapbox/mapbox-maps-ios

No such module 'MapboxCommon_Private'

Hey @Drusy, I'm seeing the same in SPM when building on my CI server. Did you get anywhere with this?


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issue commentmapbox/mapbox-maps-ios

SDK Filesize Doubled vs Previous SDK

Good call, Carthage was still embedding the legacy frameworks even though they were unlinked from the project.

Still seeing a 41% increase in the framework size from v6.3 -> v10.0, but at least that's not double.


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issue openedmapbox/mapbox-maps-ios

SDK Filesize Doubled vs Previous SDK

I've been attempting to port from the old SDK to the new one over the last week, and got to the point where I was able to prep a built for TestFlight. However my automated build analysis tools highlighted something very surprising - the cost of shipping the new SDK, in terms of megs added to our app's download size (even bitcode optimized), has more than doubled. It has gone from 6.2megs with the old SDK to 14.6megs.


Mapbox was already our largest dependency at 6.3megs with the old SDK, but now Mapbox is an order of magnitude larger than the vast majority of our other dependencies. We have many users in low-bandwidth environments and this 10% increase in our binary size is a concern.

What plans are in place to address this dramatic increase in binary size?

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