Parker Place pakaplace Ex PM @ConsenSys. Built Recipe Cart,,,

pakaplace/ICO-whitepaper-analysis 14

Fuck the frauds! LSI algorithm-based analysis of ICO whitepapers, written in python. Clone and run by calling "python". Returns the top 5 most similar white papers to the one you specified. Additional whitepapers can be scraped using "". I was learning python at the time :/

ETHDenverSleepIn/NotShapeshift 8

Convert eth to any erc-20 in just two clicks! Somehow won 0x and ERC-Dex prizes.

danielgwilson/FiestaBot 1

Junction 2016 (Helsinki, Finland) AI chatbot for planning dinner parties, cocktails, and more.

Mojiashen1/ 1

Facebook Messenger bot that helps you stay productive

pakaplace/easy-lover 1

Dating/Friend finding bar game

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