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Marcelo Oliveira overallduka Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil

overallduka/validIt 1

A JQuery plugin to validate fields and forms

overallduka/airbrakex 0

Elixir client for the Airbrake service.

overallduka/Better-Autocomplete 0

A flexible jQuery plugin which offers rich text autocompletion, both from local and remote sources.

overallduka/bootstrap-polaris 0

Shopify Polaris themed bootstrap

overallduka/bullkap 0

Rails application to send SMS and Email Marketing using Twillio and Amazon SES credentials.

overallduka/cqex 0

Idiomatic Cassandra client for Elixir

overallduka/my-vim-config 0

Personal Vim configuration

overallduka/popcorn-app 0

Allow easily streaming from torrents, without any particular knowledge.

fork overallduka/UptownCSS

A beautiful frontend development framework for Shopify, built by ShopPad

fork in 2 months