Forrest L Norvell othiym23 Ellation / Crunchyroll / VRV San Francisco Wannabe JavaScript daimyo.

othiym23/async-listener 163

polyfill version of the 0.11 version of the asyncListener API

othiym23/bug-clinic 154

a workshopper for learning how to debug Node.js apps

npm/cmd-shim 52

The cmd-shim used in npm

ForbesLindesay-Unmaintained/tar-pack 35

Package and un-package modules of some sort (oooh, perhaps you could package JavaScript modules on npm...)

mikeal/nodeconf2013 31

NodeConf 2013 Planning and Sessions

othiym23/cls-middleware 19

Connect & Restify middleware to bind routes to continuation-local storage

mikeal/nodeconf2014 8

NodeConf 2014 Organizing and Planning.

dshaw/node-error-handling 5

Node Error Handing Mini Summit