Alex Taran otaran @facebook Menlo Park, CA

otaran/ansible-openwrt 0

Manage OpenWRT and derivatives with Ansible but without Python

otaran/bomutils 0

Open source tools to create bill-of-materials files used in Mac OS X installers

otaran/CocoaPods 0

The Cocoa Dependency Manager.

otaran/Dwifft 0

Swift Diff

otaran/energy 0

Artsy Folio, The Partner iPhone / iPad app.

otaran/ErrorKit 0

iOS library for making NSError handling easier

otaran/extract-localizable-string-plugin-xcode 0

Xcode plugin for quickly creating localized strings

otaran/FormatterKit 0

`stringWithFormat:` for the sophisticated hacker set

otaran/homebrew 0

The missing package manager for OS X.