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opauth/opauth 1660

Multi-provider authentication framework for PHP

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Facebook strategy for Opauth

opauth/google 80

Google strategy for Opauth

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Twitter strategy for Opauth

opauth/github 21

GitHub authentication strategy for Opauth

opauth/linkedin 16

LinkedIn strategy for Opauth

opauth/openid 15

OpenID strategy for Opauth

opauth/live 6

(Microsoft Windows) Live Connect authentication strategy for Opauth

opauth/azure-ad 2

Azure Active Directory provider, NOT FOR USE YET

opauth/docs 2

API documentations for Opauth


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Bitbucket Strategy

I write this here, as Bitbucket Strategy doesn't have Issues.

I made a quick add to the Bitbucket Strategy in order to get the user's email.

Right after

$this->mapProfile($credentials, 'user.avatar', 'info.image');

I added:

$credentials['user']['email'] = $this->_request('GET', "".$credentials['user']['username']."/emails");
$credentials['user']['email'] = current(json_decode(current(array_keys($credentials['user']['email'])),true));
$this->mapProfile($credentials, '', '');

Not sure how to integrate into the codebase, so i prefered to just put it here, in case it could be interesting for others to make a pull request.

Sorry for the bad english !

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Facebook strategy for Opauth

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Google strategy for Opauth

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