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Ondrej Machala omachala Vodafone London, UK Frontend engineer @ Vodafone

simara-esports/database 4

Nette Database component

omachala/angular-training 1

Example codes used in Angular training events

omachala/kiwi-angular-graphql 1

Example Angular consumer of GraphQL

omachala/tfjs-realtime-body-detection 1

Realtime body position detection in browser using TensorFlowJS wrapped as a StencilJS web component

omachala/angular-web-workers 0

Web Workers wrapper for Angular 6

omachala/aws-cdk-training 0

AWS CDK training stacks

omachala/bitwise 0

Example of usage bitwise operations for user permissions

omachala/clean-code 0

My notes from book Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

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One the other side, I write about the things I like and I don't take the responsibility to satisfy everyone.

That's not against you, it's just meant to be my personal feedback. I generally like and enjoying your articles.


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Nice article but I miss the point a bit. You described a very basic use which is perhaps on the first or second page of the React documentation. Which seems to me a bit contrary to your other articles where you deal more with special and edge cases for readers who have the basics long behind them 🙂


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