oknowton/zsh-dwim 76

ZSH Do What I Mean

oknowton/3D-Printer-Models 8

A collection of the models I've designed to print on my 3D printer

oknowton/ESPWiFiToRF433 7

ESP8266 web server to control RF 433 Mhz power outlets

oknowton/oh-my-zsh 7

A community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes optional plugins for various tools (rails, git, OSX, brew,...), nearly 70 terminal themes, and an auto-updating tool so that you can keep up with the latest improvements from the community.

oknowton/shstack 3

Shell Stack - Persistent and Easy to Use Stacks Shared Between Shell Sessions

oknowton/ace-window 0

Quickly switch windows using `ace-jump-mode'

oknowton/DikuMUD3 0

DikuMUD III using HTML and websockets.

oknowton/PiwikRainmeter 0

A Rainmeter skin to pull site statistics from Piwik.


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DikuMUD III using HTML and websockets.

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