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obiwanus/django-qurl 2

A set of tools to append, remove or replace query string parameters from a url (originally created by Sophilabs)

obiwanus/editor 2

A 3D graphics testbed, inspired by Blender

obiwanus/emulator6502 1

A virtual machine, an emulator of the 6502 processor, and an assembler for the 6502

obiwanus/mips-single-cycle 1

A single cycle MIPS-like CPU in Verilog

obiwanus/arcanoid 0

An arcanoid game in x86 assembly

obiwanus/django-flatblocks 0

django-chunks + headerfield + variable chunknames + "inclusion tag" == django-flatblocks

obiwanus/django-query-exchange 0

Django application for handling GET query params for url creation

obiwanus/django-social-auth 0

Django social authentication made simple

obiwanus/dump 0

A place for random stuff

obiwanus/ember-data-url-templates 0

an ember-addon to allow building urls with url templates instead of defining buildURL

push eventobiwanus/rust-gl-renderer

Ivan Ivanov

commit sha 3c46f978439dd5a57cb8942fcb89344bc482a3da

Bump opengl to 4.5

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push eventobiwanus/rust-gl-renderer

Ivan Ivanov

commit sha 4b44eaf1d7e43284bf8ce810de09660d5d32e6be

Replace nalgebra with glam

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push eventobiwanus/rust-gl-renderer

Ivan Ivanov

commit sha fdc0501e433b62c8e5fcd82385e8c4cad900e003

Bump requirements

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issue openedemilk/egui

Context::wants_pointer_input() is false when dragging over a dropdown

I was trying to stop my engine to react to pointer events while it's over egui or is otherwise interacting with it, and Context::wants_pointer_input() seems to be exactly for this.

It works very well, however if you hover over e.g. a dropdown and press a mouse button, then suddenly this function returns false. This means that when I'm clicking a dropdown I may accidentally select an object behind the GUI.

I've reproduced the problem on the official egui_glium example and recorded a screencast to demonstrate:

Thanks for the great crate!

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push eventobiwanus/rust-gl-renderer

Ivan Ivanov

commit sha 84d9cffdab5fee399139b03702aafdd4b836b4c6

Lower the GL requirements to 3.3

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create barnchobiwanus/gl-tester

branch : master

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created repositoryobiwanus/gl-tester

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