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nwlongnecker/wpi-suite 2

WPI Suite Android repository

lalezaris/wpi-suite 1

WPI Suite Android Framework

nwlongnecker/CS557RefMon 1

Secure distributed filesystem with a reference monitor for class. May be extended for different functionality in the next project.

YumouWang/CyberPoetrySlam 1

cs509 project

lalezaris/Android-Sample 0

Sample Android application for our MQP

nwlongnecker/CS542Project2 0

Project for CS542 project 2

nwlongnecker/CS542Project3 0

Repo for CS542 project 3

nwlongnecker/CS542Project4 0

Repo for CS542 project 4

nwlongnecker/CS557FinalProject 0

Final project from CS557. Original code forked from CS557RefMon