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michaelforrest/tidy 5

An ActionScript framework for people who love Ruby

nuthinking/PebbleWatchfaceGlance 4

Glanceable watchface for the Pebble

dvdsgl/confetti 2

Confetti. In Swift.

michaelforrest/tidy-as3 2

ActionScript 3 Libraries to be used in conjunction with the tidy rubygem

nuthinking/css-vars-to-figma-local-styles 2

Plugin for Figma that reads css variables from a CSS or SCSS file and overrides or add the local styles.

nuthinking/BTLE_Central_to_Peripheral 1

Demo of iOS apps which send data from one to the other.

nuthinking/New-Inspiring-Tab 1

Google Chrome extension to randomly pick a website to show as new tab page.

nuthinking/NewTab-Redirect 1

NewTab Redirect! is an extension for Google Chrome which allows the user to replace the page displayed when creating a new tab.

nuthinking/PebbleWatchfaceChaotic 1

Watchface based on Chaotic's design

nuthinking/.github 0

Community health files for the @GitHub organization

issue closednuthinking/css-vars-to-figma-local-styles


Go with #15 go

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issue openednuthinking/css-vars-to-figma-local-styles


Go with #15 go

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issue closedskpm/sketch-module-web-view

Disable Local File Restrictions

Is there a way to lift such restrictions so that I can access local file bytes from the web view?

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issue commentskpm/sketch-module-web-view

Disable Local File Restrictions

Layers can be passed to the webview as base64. See this technique.


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issue openedskpm/sketch-module-web-view

Download file (blob)

What is the easiest way to download a blob generated within the webview? In my case, it's a video.

A solution I can see is passing the blob as byterarray to command through a message, not sure if possible, then I would need to figure out how to save it to a folder ("Download"?), or maybe asking the user which one, with CocoaScript.

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create barnchnuthinking/css-vars-to-figma-local-styles

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fork nuthinking/service-api

Report portal. Main API Service

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