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drupaldiversity/diversity-of-the-web 47

Community-drafted survey on diversity among technology workers.

nstielau/cucumber-varnishtest 29

Cucumber Steps for Testing Varnish VCL

nstielau/autograph 6

A simpe to use load-testing tool with simple, graphical output.

nstielau/amazon-ec2 2

A Ruby Gem that gives you full access to several of the Amazon Web Services API from your Ruby/Ruby on Rails apps

nstielau/baytemps 2

Data and analysis of San Francisco bay water temperatures, Q1 2020

nstielau/chef 2

A systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure.

nstielau/ClassroomSense 2

Classroom sense

nstielau/connect-status 2

A status middleware for Connect

nstielau/cucumber-varnishtest-example 2

An example of a bare-bones config for using cucumber-varnishtest gem

nstielau/Canon 1

Chef::Knife plugin to dig out non-matching output from a command across hosts

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Pull request review commentopenshift/openshift-docs

Bugzilla doc text for 4.5.2 release

 compliance, and governance requirements. == About this release  Red Hat {product-title}-(link:[RHBA-2020:2409]) is now+(link:[RHBA-2020:2909]) is now available. This release uses link:[Kubernetes 1.18] with CRI-O runtime. New features, changes, and known issues that pertain to {product-title} {product-version} are included in this topic.  Red Hat did not publicly release {product-title} 4.5.0 as the GA version and,-instead, is releasing {product-title} 4.5.1 as the GA version.+instead, is releasing {product-title} 4.5.2 as the GA version.

That seems OK to me. Technically, we didn't pull anything, we just didn't publish a blog post. I'd rather just say 4.5.1 was GA and change marketing language to say that 4.5 is GA and point to 4.5.2 as the most recent release.


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Nick Stielau

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Blocking edges to 4.5.1



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