Nate Pinchot npinchot Undercover Tourist Austin, TX

npinchot/zbar 30

ZBar python wrapper for ZBar bar code library

npinchot/djangocon_2015_talk 9

DjangoCon 2015 Talk - E-Commerce with Django at Scale: Effective Performance Lessons Learned

npinchot/bootstrap-datepicker 2

A datepicker for @twitter bootstrap forked from Stefan Petre's (of, improvements by @eternicode

npinchot/SubSonic-3.0 2

SubSonic 3.0 for the .NET 3.5 Framework

npinchot/jQuery-Validation-Engine 1

jQuery form validation plugin

npinchot/MoqKoans 1

A set of Koans for learning to mock with Moq in C# / .NET

npinchot/wkhtmltopdf 1

Convert html to pdf using webkit (qtwebkit)

npinchot/wkhtmltopdf-binaries 1

Contains binaries for wkhtmltopdf (

npinchot/credit-card-fraud 0

Analysis of credit card fraud data

npinchot/django 0

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.


created repositorycoreyhaines/adventofcode2020

Solutions (for as long as i keep up) for advent of code 2020

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created repositorytaitems/react-konva-helpers

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fork taitems/react-konva-anchors

A helping package for positioning, and sizing react -konva objects. HTML and CSS provide an easy solution for this, but for canvas, it is more painful. This library aims to ease your work with react-konva.

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fork unconed/

A robust, seamless, lightweight JavaScript library for animating data visualizations.

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fork coreyhaines/meenylatex

Experimental version of MiniLatex package

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fork coreyhaines/browser

Do some browser detection with Ruby. Includes ActionController integration.

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created repositoryryanb/intro-react

A robot powered training repository :robot:

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fork ryanb/website-copy

A repository for exercism's website's copy

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created repositorytaitems/nearest-color

Web-based UI to find nearest color in list of colors

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created repositorycoreyhaines/generate-project-name

Generates fun project names

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push eventUndercoverTourist/django-locking

Chong Kim

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update version

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push eventUndercoverTourist/django-locking

Chong Kim

commit sha fe1638f7704534e3a5df4cb34b7cb7850dc66d52

fix unlocking on unload

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