npi3pak/ACID-Keys 14

bluetooth midi keyboard on ESP32

npi3pak/monotron-midi-mod 7

midi to dac convertor for korg monotron synthesizer

npi3pak/discord-to-telegram-transport 2

transport message from discord to telegram service

npi3pak/automatic-jalousie 0

automatic jalousie on arduino and l293d motor driver

npi3pak/cJSON 0

I did not write this code, but I like it.

npi3pak/device-arduino 0

Sample code to connect Arduino devices to the IBM Watson IoT Platform

npi3pak/fake-burrberry-frontend 0

frontend training

npi3pak/homebrew-core 0

🍻 Default formulae for the missing package manager for macOS

npi3pak/react-input-mask 0

Input masking component for React. Made with attention to UX.

npi3pak/STM32-OSX-template 0

Template for STM32F4DICOVERY

issue commentnpi3pak/ACID-Keys

The device is not discoverable on iphone x


My device discoverable and connets to iOS. Tested on iPhone 11, iOS 14.7.1, in Garageband. You can`t see device in iOS BT manager. Try to use BLE-MIDI app from App Store, or some app with BLE-MIDI support


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